The Crave Women's Ministry

The Crave Women’s Ministry at Hewitt Community Church is a place where women of all ages, backgrounds and experiences can come together, united in their desire for more of Jesus in their lives every day.  

This ministry grows, connects and strengthens relationships of the women of HCC to one another and to the Lord while enjoying fun and unique experiences together.  

The Crave comes together to participate in a wide array of activities including special service projects and fundraisers for non-profit organizations in the greater Waco community. In addition to service projects, The Crave finds time for fun and gathers together for luncheons, shopping excursions, ladies’ nights, theatre and museum visits, as well as movie nights and the occasional women’s ministry conference.  

If service, fun with other women, and a deeper relationship with Christ is what YOU crave, then join us at our next event.  We hope to see you soon!


The Crave Women's Ministry Team

Emily Holmes, Donna Curtis, Theresa Riley, Chelsea Hurley, and Cristal Sandoval

Contact Cristal Sandoval at (909) 786-5082

Upcoming Crave Events